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Combating Acne Prone Skin

Acne Prone Skin in Singapore

Dr Chee Yew Wen (Dr Chee) mentioned that acne vulgaris is a common skin issue faced by many Singaporeans. Both men and women usually experience acne during puberty period in their teenage years due to hormonal change. While some of them will stop experiencing acne issue when they enter adulthood, some may still find that the problem of acne still persist which affect their skin health and confidence level.

Acne causes the skin to become oily and comedones, commonly known as black and whiteheads, can be found on the forehead, nose and chin area. Comedones are usually bumpy in texture due to clogged pores. There are several factors that contribute to acne formation. Excess sebum secretion, hormones, bacteria and genes are major causes of acne. During puberty, there will be an increase of androgens in your body which produce more sebum than what your skin needs.

The excess production of oil and sebum occurring on the face makes it a breeding ground for bacteria to grow, causing your skin to be red, inflamed or may even filled with pus. Family genes also contribute to your acne issue. If your family has a history of acne problems, chances are, you may also suffer and experience acne-prone skin.

Acne prone skin is a common skin condition in Singapore given the humidity and the types of food we eat.
Acne Prone Skin

Improving Condition of Acne Prone Skin

There are many ways to improve acne condition by choosing the right kind of diet, eliminating dairy products like milk and cheese if you are sensitive to it, cutting down on cigarette smoking and the correct make-up and skincare products. However, if problem persists, it is important to seek a skin doctor or dermatologist for help before the condition turns severe and leave depressed scar marks. Some severe acne sufferers may experience emotional distress and low self-esteem therefore Dr Chee suggested that seeking help from the professionals can improve your condition tremendously.

Myths Surrounding Acne Prone Skin

There are a lot of myths surrounding the cause of acne vulgaris. One common myth, especially in Asia, is that the consumption of oily and fried food causes acne. Although it is not good for your cholesterol levels, there is no link with acne. Another common myth is the more you wash your face the better. Excessive washing actually removes your skin’s natural protective layer and can lead to excessive sebum secretion, which can potentially worsen acne.

Dr Chee recommends a few non-invasive laser treatments that can be done to improve acne skin. One of which is Carbon Laser Peel, an effective treatment for acne control, oil reduction and boost skin radiance and firmness:

  1. Firstly, a thin layer of black solution made of fine carbon powder is first applied onto clean and bare skin. Carbon powder can reduce acne inflammation, absorb dirt and exfoliate the skin.
  2. The carbon solution will be leave to dry on your skin for 10 minutes before using the laser to break down the carbon solution.
  3. The carbon particles are extremely fine therefore they are able to penetrate deeply into the pores and absorb any debris found in your pores.
  4. During the laser procedure, the heat produced from the carbon powder also helps to stimulate collagen production, destroys acne bacteria and shrink your pores all at the same time.
  5. The whole procedure is relatively painless with no downtime, it is a gentle and non-abrasive treatment with only a slight warm sensation experienced. Some slight flushing may appear on sensitive skin; however, the redness will usually be down within 30 minutes.

About Dr Chee Yew Wen

Dr Chee Yew Wen is a director in The Chelsea Clinic, established in 2000. He now runs two outlets in Wheelock Place and Rochester. He offers a range of services in aesthetic and anti-aging to both local and international clients. His specialisation in aesthetic began following his enrolment in a prestigious London university. He expanded his knowledge by attending courses after his graduation and trained with the very best in the field. He also holds a certified Diplomate of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, making him one of the pioneers in his field.

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