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How to Get A Better Sleep

Sleeping better is possible by having a good sleep routine, day routine and eating the right foods.

Dr Chee Yew Wen said that having a healthy sleeping routine and quality sleep every night is vital because it affects how you feel when you are awake in the day as well as your productivity. Getting a good night sleep allows you to recharge and boost your energy levels …

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How to Improve Your Self Esteem

Low Self Esteem can be treated just by keeping yourself busy, saying no to your inner thoughts and reminding yourself that you're better than this.

Dr Chee Yew Wen pointed out that self-esteem is the way how an individual perceives their own value and worthiness. Do you feel good about yourself? Do you feel proud of yourself? While someone with a higher self-esteem will reply ‘yes’, those who replied ‘no’ usually has a lower self-esteem. …

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Achieving a Work-Life Balance in Singapore

Work Life Balance helps us achieve what we want in life with the means to do so too.

Dr Chee Yew Wen understands that working and living in Singapore can be stressful and hectic due to issues like rising cost of living, slow economic growth and being connected on your smartphones can make you feel like you’re constantly working off the clock. Many Singaporeans also start to work …

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Feeling Good in Your Own Skin

Feel good in your own skin and develop your self confidence.

Dr Chee Yew Wen mentioned that the struggle with body image and social pressure are more common than you think. With the rise of social media, the digital landscape has created a form pressure for some. Looking through updates from your social media platforms can sometimes make you feel like …

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How To Manage Anxiety and Stress

With the added workload from today's demand, anxiety and stress still can be managed if treated early.

Dr Chee Yew Wen explained that stress is inevitable in our life and you can have control over them. There are a lot of reasons that can cause you feeling stressed out in life. A new working environment, relationship problems with family and friends and other personal circumstances will cause …

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