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Face Mask Types for Your Skin

The Importance of Using Face Masks

Dr Chee Yew Wen mentioned that face masks should be added into your beauty skincare regimen because it is an excellent method to give your face the extra boost it needs to give you a healthy and glowing complexion. Using the correct face mask can help to keep your skin moisturised, brighten dull complexion, remove impurities built up and tackle other various skin concerns.

A Way to Relax

It can also be included as one of the relaxation methods as you wind down with your favourite face mask after a long day to pamper yourself. Many people like to keep their skincare fuss free and are not willing to invest more time to pamper their skin but the 15 to 30 minutes they invest weekly from applying face mask can make a huge difference in their skin texture and condition. There are many different types of face masks targeting at different skin types therefore the first step in choosing the correct face mask is to identify your skin type in order to provide the correct nourishment your face needs.

Pamper your skin with a range of face masks that would fit the conditions of any skin.
Have you tried on a face mask yet?

Caffeine Face Mask

Not only does caffeine keeps your mind alert and wide awake, it also perks up your skin when applied onto your face. Combining ground coffee, yoghurt and honey can make a great mask to rid water retention present on the face like puffiness under the eyes. Caffeine is a natural plant extract and contains anti-inflammatory, skin soothing and antioxidants properties therefore it is a popular ingredient in a lot of skincare products.

Charcoal Face Mask

The colour from the charcoal may look intimidating but it has a lot of benefits especially on oily and acne skin. It can deeply cleanse, purify and remove skin impurities effectively as it draws out the bacteria and chemical present on the skin and shrink up huge pores.

Clay Face Mask

One of the most common face mask ingredients is clay which contains minerals and active ingredients which are extremely beneficial on your skin. Clay masks go all the way back during ancient times to absorb impurities and decrease oil production. It has a very high absorbing power which makes it an excellent face mask to remove dead skin and excess sebum. There are many different types of clay available in the market with different properties targeting dry, oily or sensitive skin.

Sheet Face Mask

Sheet masks are usually made of a thin and soft cotton material soaked with serums and ingredients which boost hydration on your skin. They are first made popular in Korea and since then, it has been introduced as an essential step to one’s skincare regimen. Sheet masks are usually great for hydration or to soothe and calm skin therefore it is great for dry skin as opposed to oily or acne skin. Application of the face masks can be quite tricky as they are usually soaking wet and the size might not fit nicely on the face, therefore Dr Chee recommends that the mask should be placed from the forehead and lastly towards the chin for easier application. Some masks also have ear hooks which secure the mask in place on your face. Sheet masks have also been a staple in airplane carry-ons as they are convenient and gives you instant hydration when needed during long haul flights.

Gel Face Mask

Gel is formulated with high hyaluronic acid content which is extremely effective in moisturising your skin as they absorb into your skin quickly. They are also lightweight which makes the texture extremely light and ideal for tropical weather we experience in Singapore. For extra cooling and soothing effects upon application, place your gel mask in the fridge before applying.


One of the best money-saving methods while getting the best out of your face mask is no doubt a homemade face mask done from scratch at home by using natural extracts and ingredients. The best part is, you know what goes into your face masks and you are able to tweak your face mask recipes and ingredients accordingly to your skin concern and preference. The ingredients can be commonly found in your home’s kitchen like oatmeal, raw honey, avocado and yoghurt. All of which can contributes to a healthy, gorgeous and glowy skin.

About Dr Chee Yew Wen

Dr Chee Yew Wen is a director in The Chelsea Clinic, established in 2000. He now runs two outlets in Wheelock Place and Rochester. He offers a range of services in aesthetic and anti-aging to both local and international clients. His specialisation in aesthetic began following his enrolment in a prestigious London university. He expanded his knowledge by attending courses after his graduation and trained with the very best in the field. He also holds a certified Diplomate of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, making him one of the pioneers in his field.