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How To Manage Anxiety and Stress

Dr Chee Yew Wen explained that stress is inevitable in our life and you can have control over them. There are a lot of reasons that can cause you feeling stressed out in life. A new working environment, relationship problems with family and friends and other personal circumstances will cause you to be in the state of distressed and take a toll on your physical and mental health like depression and panic attacks. Due to stress, you may experience symptoms like trouble of falling asleep, lack of appetite, or poor self-esteem. It is unhealthy if you start to react negatively and aggressively during this period therefore seeking help early is important.

He mentioned there are no definite solutions to stop stress as everyone respond and react differently. By learning how to take control of your situation and identify the cause of your stress, stress can be managed and reduced if you know how to deal and cope with it the right way.

With the added workload from today's demand, anxiety and stress still can be managed if treated early.
Managing Anxiety and Stress

Social Engagement

Handling stressful problems all by yourself can be draining at times. This is when you should seek emotional support from your family members or close friends. By connecting and sharing your problems with them, you are able to release the heavy thoughts which is weighing in your mind which can help you feel better. If needed, they may also be able to offer you valuable advice from a third person point of view when your brain is overwhelmed with stress. Do not be afraid to approach them, and in fact they may be flattered that you are willing to open up and share your problems with them as this is a sign of trust.

Living Healthy

Get up, start moving and get your heart pumping because physical activities can improve your mood by releasing feel-good endorphins. It a great way to relieve stress and frustrations as you are able to keep your mind off as a form of distraction. Not only is exercising a great form of stress reliever, it will also be beneficial to your overall health being. You can start with a slow jog or participate in group activity classes like aerobics or yoga and build up your fitness level gradually. It is also important to eat a well-balanced diets filled with fruits and vegetables as they provide you with the essential nutrients and vitamins throughout the day while processed food has quite the opposite effect making you feel sluggish and tired. Last of all, get adequate sleep daily so your concentration can be at maximum.

Time Management

Stress and time management are actually related. You are probably feeling overwhelmed and stressed out due to poor planning. Keep a planner in hand or download a time management application in your mobile device so you can organise your schedule and things to do on the go. List down the important tasks that you are supposed to accomplish for the day and strike it away when you are done. Sometimes, it feels impossible to complete all the tasks in a day and that is perfectly alright. Therefore, with proper time planning you can prioritise the urgent matters to be accomplished first and go on to the less urgent tasks.

Be Selective

Learn how to say ‘No’ if you do not feel comfortable agreeing to a situation such as social or work situation when you feel you have too much on your plate to handle. If it’s someone that put you through a lot of emotional stress within, try to cut down or avoid contact with that person.


You have to accept that certain situations are beyond your control such as passing of a loved one and the behavior of people around you. Instead of stressing over situations that are beyond control, you can focus your attention which you have control over. Maintain a positive attitude and look at problems and obstacles you face in life as a chance for you to grow and learn instead of choosing to run away and avoid problems which persist. Perfectionism can be a problem if you are someone who strive for perfection in everything you do and sometimes it can be unrealistic and create a fear inside you as you worry about not attaining perfection.

Seeking Help

If you feel that stress and anxiety are taking control of your life and overwhelming you, you might want to seek professional help. Symptoms to look out for are: losing sleep, loss of appetite, social withdrawal, uncontrollable anger, rage or even suicidal thoughts. If you do suffer from such symptoms, you are encourage to seek professional help from counsellors, psychologists or doctors.

About Dr Chee Yew Wen

Dr Chee Yew Wen is a director in The Chelsea Clinic, established in 2000. He now runs two outlets in Wheelock Place and Rochester. He offers a range of services in aesthetic and anti-aging to both local and international clients. His specialisation in aesthetic began following his enrolment in a prestigious London university. He expanded his knowledge by attending courses after his graduation and trained with the very best in the field. He also holds a certified Diplomate of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, making him one of the pioneers in his field.

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